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About B & R Transport Brokers LLC.


B & R Transport Brokers is one of the leading industrial transportation companies in the United States. We diversify ourselves from similar companies by focusing on being able to provide livelihoods and futures for the owner operator truck drivers traveling these American roads and building our great Nation!


Robert and Rebecca

In the beginning there was a flatbed truck and the old family van. It was the millennium year 2000 when Robert and Rebecca Willis started their very own company. As a 24 hours a day Hotshot service, they started pulling trailers, traveling the country and living the dream. The business stood the test of time thanks to Robert and Rebecca building quality customer relationships with respected businesses, in all the right ways, securing the foundation for the years to come. Now B & R Transport Brokers has established a broker business making us better than ever. Designed to optimize the ever growing needs of our family of customers, giving them the best possible experience every time they call. A revised infrastructure allows B & R Transport Brokers to handle more deliveries while still implementing all the values that have been blessing this business for years. Consult in B & R Transport Brokers to see how they can help your business grow by taking care of your delivery needs.


After Noah had been on the arc for nearly a year, he then saw a dove with an olive leaf. The leaf signifying the end of the flood and “Peace Restored”. B & R Transport Brokers wants you to experience the peace of knowing your load will be handled safe and efficiently.

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